Death row inmates deserve chance at sentence revision, says prisons chief

Jails magistrate general Nordin Muhamad trusts that a ban on capital punishment will be executed to allow prisoners per second opportunity at restoration and rectification.

“(Death row) Inmates ought to be allowed an opportunity to have their sentences looked into,” Nordin said at a territorial gathering on jail change today, adding that Malaysia was moving to carry out jail changes.

The jail change plan, he said, would focus on rehabilitative and remedial techniques, where rather than detainment, elective sentences, for example, local area administration would be distributed.

Nordin said once the law was revised, drug guilty parties with a sentence of under three years would go through local area recovery rather than detainment.

“We trust that by carrying out their punishment locally, wrongdoers will seek appropriate treatment since hostile to tranquilize offices have fix and care centers to treat drug clients locally,” he said.

He likewise said restoration and remedy were fundamental to reintegrate detainees into the local area upon their delivery and to forestall a backslide of criminal conduct. Detainees ought to be offered help and freedoms to prevail in life after detainment.

The provincial meeting is a two-day occasion coordinated by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) in a joint effort with the Southeast Asia National Human Rights Institution Forum.

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